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Speed of London are Proud to be offer Track/Race Days

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JL Driver Development


Multiple F2,F3 & FR2.0 Race winner

European Le Mans Series Champion LMP2

Goodyear Tyre Development Driver

McLaren Automotive Drive Team

Le Mans 24Hr Racing Driver

As a seasoned professional racing driver with over 20 years experience, I have raced on most race circuits around the world and in a huge range of race and road cars. No matter what car you have on any circuit, I can make you faster, more consistent and teach you ways to self learn when you visit other circuits. 


I see people spend thousands of pounds on amazing cars or modifications to cars when spending some time with an experienced driver coach can see the driver make a much bigger gain in lap time. Every major sport in the world has coaches, trainers etc, and Motorsport is no different.


If you would like more information please call or e-mail: info@speedoflondon.com

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